Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I am thankful for.....and Sports Adventures

Thanksgiving, of course, is a time for reflection. Naturally, there are the 'usual' gratitudes: I'm thankful for my three daughters, wonderful husband, my parents (and the fact that I'm so fortunate to still have them), and my work 'family'. But there is another family to which I belong, and to which I am forever grateful. It's a bit of an unusual family; not one of blood ties, certainly (unless you count the Red Sox blood flowing through our veins), but a family whose members gather once a year in Ft. Myers to play baseball at the Sports Adventures Red Sox Fantasy Camp. We all originally went for the same reason, I think...that is, to have an opportunity to 'play' at being a real major league baseball player, if only for a week. But the similarity stops there. Some of us, perhaps, were college baseball players being scouted by the majors, yet a career ending injury destroyed our dream. There have been others who have faced serious illness who have given this gift to themselves to celebrate their recovery. And for a handful of campers, Sports Adventures Red Sox camp has given the opportunity they were denied as young girls growing up in the pre-title IX days. There are almost as many 'stories' as there are campers. But since this post is about gratitude, I will tell you why I am grateful for being a member of this Sports Adventures family. It is a family of kindness; we celebrate the births of children and grandchildren, marriages, retirements and all the good times. We mourn when we lose a member of our Sports Adventure family, and we support each other when we lose a member of our real families. Every year we enroll a few new family members, are happy when they tell us 'this was the best week of my life'. We embrace and tolerate each others differences, quirks, moods, and (sometimes) practical jokes that go awry. We forgive, forget...and then go out and play two.

So, as we go into the holiday season, and we count our blessings, I know that, for a group of us, Larry Marino and his awesome organization will be on our list. And, of course, we're all counting down the days to our next 'family reunion' at the end of January!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ER: 2:00 am

I am not deaf, I am not blind.
I am not immune to your words, unkind.
My clothes are soiled, and I need a bath.
But what have I done to deserve your wrath?
It’s cold outside, and I have no bed.
I’m really not sure when last I was fed.
I DO know my name, and (maybe) the date.
But who is the President of the United States?
That’s always the hard one; I used to know.
Carter, I think? No, wait, don’t go!
I can tell by your face what’s going on in your head
“Just another drunk vet who’s gone off his meds”.
But I once had a home, and a family, too.
And a job, and a car, and future, like you.
I have a college degree, and I’ve written two books
So please refrain from those disgusted looks.
Because there’s really no difference between you and me
Except a little bad luck and some brain chemistry.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Time flies....

“Marry my daughter? The answer is no.
Too young, no job, years of college to go.”
The father stood up, and pushed back his chair.
Sized up the young man, barely nineteen, with long hair.
“I’ve made my decision. Young marriages don’t last.”
The boy walked away, with his eyes downcast.

The boy, now grown, takes the father’s arm
Helps him over the rocks, keeps him from harm.
The climb has been steep, despite the tram ride
But at the top of the mountain, there waits a young bride.
With another young groom holding her hand.
She smiles as she sees them, her grandpa and her dad.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Grad Jobs.

So, I've been totally delinquent about keeping up with my blog, but I promise to be a more conscientious blogger in the future. Main topic of chatter with my students right now (other than the looming NCLEX!) is the current lack of job opportunities for new grads. Now, having a few (!) years under my belt in the nursing world, I've seen ups and downs in the nursing job market, but my students, being Gen Y-ers, only know the current job market, which is admittedly, pretty dismal for the students graduating this year. Not sure how best to reassure them that 'this, too, shall pass' when in many cases their expectations of what they will accept for a first job are pretty exclusive. In other words, they really want (and expect) to be offered an ICU, ED, L&D, name-your-favorite-specialty job, and don't understand that maybe..JUST MAYBE..they might have to 'settle' for something less than their ideal job. Its not a generation that is used to settling for anything; not their fault, for sure, but something society, and many of us as parents, with their best interests at heart, have unwittingly caused.

So, I guess the best advice I have to offer them is to aim high..but be open to other opportunities in nursing. They have many more years ahead of them to work, and any experience they get now (yes, even if its in a Nursing Home...although they are all shuddering at the thought of that!) will only make them more marketable nurses when something else opens up. And who knows...they might find their true calling may NOT be in the ICU, ED, L&D, name-your-favorite-specialty. Its time for you all to spread your wings and FLY! There is so much available to you in the field of nursing...don't limit yourself!