Friday, March 26, 2010

New Grad Jobs.

So, I've been totally delinquent about keeping up with my blog, but I promise to be a more conscientious blogger in the future. Main topic of chatter with my students right now (other than the looming NCLEX!) is the current lack of job opportunities for new grads. Now, having a few (!) years under my belt in the nursing world, I've seen ups and downs in the nursing job market, but my students, being Gen Y-ers, only know the current job market, which is admittedly, pretty dismal for the students graduating this year. Not sure how best to reassure them that 'this, too, shall pass' when in many cases their expectations of what they will accept for a first job are pretty exclusive. In other words, they really want (and expect) to be offered an ICU, ED, L&D, name-your-favorite-specialty job, and don't understand that maybe..JUST MAYBE..they might have to 'settle' for something less than their ideal job. Its not a generation that is used to settling for anything; not their fault, for sure, but something society, and many of us as parents, with their best interests at heart, have unwittingly caused.

So, I guess the best advice I have to offer them is to aim high..but be open to other opportunities in nursing. They have many more years ahead of them to work, and any experience they get now (yes, even if its in a Nursing Home...although they are all shuddering at the thought of that!) will only make them more marketable nurses when something else opens up. And who knows...they might find their true calling may NOT be in the ICU, ED, L&D, name-your-favorite-specialty. Its time for you all to spread your wings and FLY! There is so much available to you in the field of nursing...don't limit yourself!